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Officers Of Department
Sr. No. Name of the officer S/Shri Designation Charge Mobile No. Email Landline No
01 M.V.S. Choudary Principal Commissioner Overall Incharge 24157850 Maddukuri.choudary@icegate.gov.in 24157850
02 S.K.H. Meshram Addl.Commr.
  1. Vigilance, CPGRAMS,Confidential, CAT, Administration, Accounts, Establishment, Hindi Implementation, Audit(CERA, Pre and Post Clearance Audit), Sabka Vishwas Scheme, Land & Building, Staff Welfare, Swachhta Action Plan .
  2. Supervision of Divisions-I, II, III, and IV along with adjudications related to the above Divisions.
  3. Any other work allotted by the Principal Commissioner
9869202824 Sharad1.Meshram@icegate.gov.in 24196303
03 Kunal Kashyap Joint Commr.
  1. Statistics, Technical, TRC, Review and Revision Applications, Advance Ruling, Sevottam, GST Seva Kendra Taxpayer Services, RTI, Parliamentary Questions, Registrations, Refunds, Rebates. Verifications of IGST Fraudulent cases, Verification of DGARM Data, Action against Non-filers, Pending Trans-1 Verifications, Data Analytics, Computer Section, Saksham Project, Website Designing, Coordination with States, Logistics and Outreach Programmes for training.
  2. Supervision of Divisions-VIII, IX, X alongwith adjudication related to the above Divisions.
  3. Any other work allotted by the Principal Commissioner.
9836250026 Kunal.kashyap@icegate.gov.in 24157572
04 Rajiv Magoo Joint Commr.
  1. Anti-Evasion, Verification of third party data, Finalising legacy Investigation cases, Headquarters Adjudication Section, Scrutiny of Draft SCNs to be issued by the Principal Commissioner, Review of O-I-Os passed by the joint Commissioner at serial no. 2, Legal, Prosecution, PRO, MTO, Contral room, Protocol.
  2. Supervision of Divisions-V, VI and VII  alongwith adjudication related to the above Divisions.
  3. Any other work allotted by the Principal Commissioner.
9821851701 rajivmagoo@nic.in 24196450
05 Rishi Yadav Deputy Commissioner Technical, Stats, Parliamentary Question, Advance Ruling, Bank Guarantee, MPR Reconciliation, Registration 9619531596 Rishi3.Yadav@icegate.gov.in 24196364
06 Ramesh B Vajge Asstt. Commr Establishment, L&B, Administration, CAT, Staff Welfare, Swachhata Action Plan, Environment Protection, Central receipt System, RFF, Vendors Management, GST Seva Kendra, Sevottam, Tax Payer Service, Coordination with CAO/PAO, Logistic support for Outreach Programme and Training. 9892003473 Ramesh1.Vajge@icegate.gov.in 24196334
07 Thorat Abhijit Laxman Asstt. Commr Anti-Evasion, Data Cell, COMM Admin, Computer, Saksham Project Work, Website designing, GST E-Karyalya, Bulk SMS/MAIL 8433843954 Abhijit1.Thorat@icegate.gov.in 24196341
08 Rajendra S Chauhan Asstt. Commr Vigilance, CPGRAM, Confidential, Official Language, , Legacy Management, Co-ordination and attached to Commissioner alongwith additional charge of Legal, Prosecution, Settlement Commission, Legacy issues, Revision application, LIMBS, Adjudication, RTI, Advance Ruling, Registration (Hqr), Nodal officer of Refund, Audit ,Pre Audit, Post Audit 9930176677 rajendra1.chauhan@icegate.gov.in 24196365
09 Usha Kamble Chief Account Officer Accounts 9821342204 Ushaak.g149401@gov.in 24196627
10 Pathode Nitish Haribhau Asstt. Commr Division-I 8087244556 Nitish.patode@nic.in 25776704
11 Devashya Jyoti Jyotirmoy Asstt. Commr Division-II 9818407833 Devashya1.Jyotirmoy@icegate.gov.in 25770836
12 Shreyansh Mohan Asstt. Commr Division-III 8373941027 Shreyansh1.Mohan@icegate.gov.in 25770954
13 Subhash Chandra Asstt. Commr Division-IV 8750003865 Subhash6.Chandra@icegate.gov.in 25781354
14 Rahul Kumar Yadava Asstt. Commr Division-V alongwith additional charge of Division-VI 9167348998 rahul.yadava@icegate.gov.in 24196332
15 Ghanisht Yasu Asstt. Commr Division-VII 7503330954 ghanisht1.yasu@icegate.gov.in 24196338
16 Karitkey Dubey Asstt. Commr Division-VIII 9911650742 Kartikey.Dubey@icegate.gov.in 24196333
17 Bhanu Jain Asstt. Commr Division-IX 8197245433 Bhanu.jain@icegate.gov.in 24196368
18 Rhea Joshi Asstt. Commr Division-X   Rhea.joshi@icegate.gov.in 24196429


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